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What is SHA-2?

To understand why replacing SHA-1 is so important, you have to put yourself in your browser's           shoes. When you show up to a website using website presents a file, an SSL "certificate" to your browser. 

This certificate is used to do two things: encrypt your connection to the website, and verify that you've connected to the real website.

Any certificate can be used to encrypt your connection. But to verify that you're at the real Facebook, your browser has to have a way to decide whether to trust that certificate, and show you a green lock.

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Product Bundles

Because of this regulatory update, PCC Customers will have to do one or more of the following:

     Hardware or Software Upgrades

  • Configuration Updates (manual loading of PCC Certificates)

  • Test ALL systems to ensure compatibility.

Integrated Health Systems is here to ease the burden of this transition for you and your staff.

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Q. What verison of IE do I need?

A. IE must be verison 9.0 or higher.

Q. Does my computer have to use a certain Operating System (OS)?

A. Yes, you should using Windows 7.0 or higher. 

Q. Does this encryption upgrade apply to the U.S. only?

A. Yes, this change only applies to the U.S. and does not affect Canada at this time. 

Q. How can I tell if my system is compatible?

A. PCC has provided a page where users can begin testing their current devices.

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Premium Services

ConnectaCare is a web-based, virtual desktop solution that allows users to access their hosted applications, such as email and MS Office, from anywhere there is an internet connection. ConnectaCare is multiple times faster than similar platforms, such as Citrix, and much more affordable. Ask us how to get your users working more efficiently.

CodeRed is our new HIPAA HITECH compliancy solution. From scanning devices for potential data breach, to training your staff on the importance of data privacy, CodeRed is the solution you need to ensure your facilty and resident data is protected.